DAY 1 — AUG. 20, 2022
DAY 2 — AUG. 21, 2022

Sara Nabil
In her spatial installations and photography, Sara Nabil combines themes of flight, dream and identity and campaigns for the equality of women and girls. The artistic work gives her back the voice that was takenfrom her in her home country.
Atheists in Lebanon
Glimpses of some stories of discrimination, abuse, and human rights violations from atheists, freethinkers and non-religious individuals in Lebanon. The exhibition isbased on the findings of the “Case Studies” section of the multidisciplinary study “Atheists in Lebanon” (2021).
Speakers Lineup
More than 50 speakers and artists from more than 30 countries around the world will be gathering at Celebrating Dissent 2022, to share their ideas and experiences in freethought and dissent, through discussions, poetry, films, and art performances.

Artists Lineup