Sara Nabil
In her spatial installations and photography, the Afghan artist, political scientist, and human rights activist combines themes of flight, dream and identity and campaigns for the equality of women and girls. The artistic work gives her back the voice that was taken from her in her home country.

For Sara Nabil, art is a form of protest and a critique of patriarchal structures – an essential means of shaping social change.

Nabil’s exhibition in Celebrating Dissent 2022 is part of her new performance project and interactive presented for the first time on May 4, 2022 at Kunsthalle Mannheim. The artist responds to the renewed seizure of power by the Taliban in August 2021, whose fundamentalist worldview regulates female identity to the point of invisibility, employing gender segregation, a strict dress code and rules of conduct.

Sara Nabil’s art protest not only shows how the female body, in all its facets – from hair to clothing – becomes alienated, transformed into a site of political ideologies, cultural conflicts and power struggles, but is also a source of self- determination and freedom.

Atheists in Lebanon

In April 2021, Freethought Lebanon published “Atheists in Lebanon: Human Rights Violations Report”, a large study documenting various aspects of discimination and human rights violations against atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, and non-religious individuals in Lebanon. Findings of the study were presented in four sections:

1. Legal Report: scrutinizing the paradoxes and oddities of the Lebanese law and constitution concerning this issue;

2. Media Analysis: presenting the diverse means of misrepresentation and under representation of atheists and the non-religious in TV talk shows and news reports.

3. Survey: a perception survey of around 650 atheists or non-religious individuals, offering an in-depth view of atheists in Lebanon and the various aspects of discrimination they face;

4. Case Studies: interviews with 40 individuals who identify as atheists or non-religious in Lebanon with experiences of oppression and discrimination on multiple fronts.

Glimpses of some stories from the “Case Studies” section are exhibited in 10 posters inside the conference hall of Celebrating Dissent 2022.