Opening Speech by Sami Abdallah (Freethought Lebanon)
Opening Speech by Maryam Namazie (Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain)
Resolution in Support of Salman Rushdie
Welcome Speech by Homaira Mansury (VHS Köln)
A word by Cologne Deputy Mayor Andreas Wolter
Find Our Way To Freedom by Shelley Segal
Plenary Panel: Blasphemy, Islamophobia and Free Expression
Music Is Haram by Veedu Vidz
Plenary Panel: Atheists and the Human Right to Protection
Dan Barker on Piano
Plenary Panel: Hijab, Bodily Autonomy and Women’s Rights
Plenary Panel: On Gods and Religious Morality
Maryam Namazie Interviews Richard Dawkins
Freethought Champions Awards: Sohail Arabi
Freethought Champions Award: Marieme Hellie Lucas
Freethought Champions Awards: Richard Dawkins
Protest Action in Defense of Salman Rushdie
Plenary Panel: Terror, Trauma and Survival
Updates About Raif Badawi by Ensaf Haidar
The Ex-Muslim Movement
Declaration: Code 166
Plenary Panel: Identity Politics, Racism and Fundamentalism
Declaration of International Secularism Day
Poetry Reading by Halima Salat
Plenary Panel: Creativity in Challenging Fundamentalism and Defending Secularism
Scream of Freedom by Sara Nabil
Celebrating Dissent Resolutions
Musical Performance by Shelley Segal