Celebrating Dissent 2022 will take place
on August 20-21, 2022,
in Cologne, Germany.

Registered attendees will receive the location of the venue by email.

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To access talks, shows, and events of Celebrating Dissent 2022, you can select one of the following tickets:
2-day ticket / Aug 20 and 21
2-day student ticket / Aug 20 and 21
1-day ticket / Aug 20 or 21
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For press accreditation, please contact us via email.
Your ticket includes access to all discussion panels, talks, live music and performance shows, ceremonies, and exhibitions, taking place on the date(s) you selected for your ticket, as well as snacks and refreshments during breaks between discussions and shows.

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Mobility and Accessibility Assistance

In case you need any kind of mobility or accessibility assistance (e.g., sign language interpreter), please send us your requirements and we will make sure they are adequately addressed: